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Hello from Leslie Harlow

Welcome to my site. I spend more than too much time on Facebook – If you would like to communicate with me and be my FB friend, my name on Facebook is M Leslie Blackburn Harlow.


  1. LeslieHarlow

    June 24, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Having semi-retired from playing with the Utah Symphony, I am delighted to not have to drive down the mountain so often to Salt Lake City during all types of weather. I am still enjoying doing recording sessions, but the schedule is quite a bit easier. Russ and I are spending our time involved in running the Beethoven Festival and practicing our instruments, so come join us at the Beethoven Festival each summer: Visit for information on the concerts. I anticipate we will have much more to report in the coming months. Meanwhile, living and working in Park City suits us very well.

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